Our Open-Air Photo Booth is the absolute best (and most fun) way to get some awesome photos of friends, family and colleagues at any event! And it’s perfect for every occasion including (and not limited to): Weddings, Engagements, Holidays, Real Birthdays, Fake Birthdays, Graduations, Mitzvahs, Corporate Shindigs, Retirements, Anniversaries, Break-Ups, Make-Ups, Getting Hired, Getting Fired, Lawsuits, Plastic Surgery, School Dances…basically every single thing you could possibly imagine! Hell yeah!

Do you want to be the envy of the office? Or score some points with the soon-to-be wife? Or maybe even just up your “street cred” with the kids in the school hallways? Well, then you absolutely must book our Photo Booth today! We serve all of New England, and a little beyond. For pricing and answers to all of your burning questions, use our contact page to get in touch.